ThermoGlass® unique technology

An absolutely transparent conductive layer is applied on the surface of the ThermoGlass® insulating heated glass via a unique technology which has the functions of a heating element and is capable of emitting radiant heat up to 80 °C.

Visually the glass is no different from conventional glasses but its properties offer unique advantages that you won't find in other glass.

They provide maximum thermal and visual comfort, prevent condensation and remove snow and ice. They present a new dimension in the solution of the heating of modern buildings. 

The ThermoGlass® inner glass with a unique layer is a glass, which has an electric current going through it and performs the function of heated glass.

For other layers in the insulated glass, there is glass used according to the customer's request.

All ThermoGlass® insulated double glazing and triple glazing are hardened and manufactured using the latest technological procedures which meet technical parameters comparable with the best glasses on the market.

Comparison of technical parameters

The monitored factors with ThermoGlass® double glazing and triple glazing: 

Ug = heat transmission coefficient      /      g = solar factor - indicates the total transmission of solar energy through the glazing      /       LT = light transmission - rate of visible light coming through the glazing

+ Higher light transmission

+ Lower purchase price  

+ Lighter

- Higher heat loss

+ Lower heat loss  

- Higher purchase price  

- Heavier

- Lower light transmission


Standard shapes of heated glass: 

Special shapes of heated glass: 

Surface temperature of glass: 

Window frames: 

The heated glass can be used in any window frame systems and with all kinds of materials commonly used in their manufacture - wood, plastic, metal.

Consumption according to the application of the heated glass: 

The main heat source: 150-650 W/m2 - Temperature: max. 60 °C

Thermal comfort: 150-650 W/m2 - Temperature: max. 60 °C 

Anti-condensation: 150-650 W/m2 - Temperature: max. 60 °C

Removal of ice and snow: 500-900 W/m2 - Temperature:  max. 80 °C

Dimensions of the heated glass: 

300 x 400 mm - 2000 x 3000 mm

Electrical connection:

Heated glass is connected to the household mains supply 230 V without voltage transformers.

Temperature control: 

Room temperature control is done with a room thermostat, same as in other types of heating.

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