ThermoGlass® Electric Heated Glass

Unique, perfectly transparent Nano-System heated glass represents a future trend in the heating of modern buildings. 

ThermoGlass® electric heated glass is an insulating glass capable of emitting radiant heat with the intensity of up to 80°C. A totally transparent conductive layer is applied on the glass surface which works as a heating element. Visually, the glass is no different from conventional glasses but thanks to its properties it offers unique advantages that cannot be found in other glasses. 

The maximum thermal comfort

Using high-performance ThermoGlass® heated glass you can afford to have larger windows and achieve the feeling of a similar thermal comfort of old tiled stoves or a slightly blazing fire in a fireplace. In addition, the surface temperature of the glass can be instantly changed according to your current needs in the range of 25-80 °C.

Exclusive visual comfort

Using ThermoGlass® heated glasses, radiators and fog simply disappear and thanks to the highly transparent glass you can enjoy more space and natural light. You will never be cold again near windows and you can fully enjoy a view of the winter landscape and closer contact with nature.

The main source of heating  ~  Prevents condensation  ~  Thawed snow and ice


Exclusive visual comfort and maximum thermal comfort

The main source of heat

Large surface area, quality construction, the excellent visual and insulating properties of ThermoGlass® glass allow its use as a primary heating source in most new buildings.

Exclusive thermal comfort

In the winter months when the temperature outside drops to zero, the so-called "cold window effect" happens in large glazed areas. ThermoGlass® heated glass removes this effect and creates a feeling of thermal comfort inside for the price of the lowest operating costs.

Preventing condensation

Larger glass areas occur to have condensation of water steams on the glass surface in winter due to poor air circulation. With ThermoGlass® heated glass the formation of condensation is eliminated, there is no dew and the glass remains perfectly transparent.

Rapid removal of snow and ice

When the electric current is in the ThermoGlass® heated glass it heats-up the glass and there is a uniform defrosting of ice and snow over the surface of the glass area.

Excellent insulation properties

Using the latest types of glass in insulating double glazing and triple glazing, in addition to heating, ThermoGlass® also offers excellent insulation properties complemented by a range of now standard features of modern glasses.


The electrically conductive layer can be used as a sensor connected to the security system alarm. All our glasses are tempered (when broken shards are not formed). In the case of increased demands on the safety we use unbreakable ThermoGlass® Triplex Safety laminated glasses.

Possibilities of use

Possibilities of use for ThermoGlass® heated glass are virtually limitless.

Windows and doors 

One and two-leaf standard windows of standard sizes - large French windows and balcony doors.

Roof windows 

Roofs - exteriors - roof windows - for harsh climatic conditions - superior strength properties.


Covered outdoor seatings of restaurants and hotels - balconies and loggias - extra insulation and safety characteristics.

Special applications 

For demanding climatic conditions, superior strength properties. 


Hotel and household pools - saunas and spa facilities.

Your idea, your imagination...

Thanks to our technology it is possible to find a solution for a wide range of technical and functional requirements.

Case study

RADEK family house

Basic parameters of the RADEK family house
  • floor area of 165 m²
  • 2 storey
  • purchase price 185000 EUR

Comparison of heating costs in the long term of 20 years (in EUR):

The comparison of heating costs in the next 20 years shows that the unique ThermoGlass® heating system is a cost comparable to conventional modern heating systems. 

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